Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Computer Position

I recently met with the director of a Jewish Day school to find out about a teaching position that was advertised. It was an interesting position and an interesting interview.

The job itself has nothing to do with Jewish education, it is teaching in the computer lab. I would be teaching Microsoft office products as well as computer usage, internet and internet safety. It would also involve working with other teachers, especially if the student had an assignment which involved putting some kind of computer presentation together.

I like the fact that it would be with a Jewish Day school. While the position itself might not involve teaching Jewish subjects, it would be with a school that clearly understands the importance of that. Certainly I have the knowledge to teach such a class and being able to do it while showing support for Jewish education would thrill me.

I think we need to do whatever possible to get children, students, and even adults, interested in Jewish learning. Education is crucial and being able to be involved with any facility that understands its importance, that looks to educate people about Judaism is crucial.

The position is actually still being defined but certainly I am excited and look forward to hearing what happens.

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