Friday, June 13, 2008

Jewish Jeopardy

I made reference to a Jewish Jeopardy game in a post yesterday. The game took place on Shavout. The tradition is to stay up all night and study. While I have done this a few times, it always seems that the shul (synagogue) I am affiliated with at any particular time has older members and they do not go through the night. This is true of both the Conservative and Orthodox shuls where I have gone. Still, they want to do something, so for part of the evening they have a study group.

This year, the synagogue had two things going on. First was a discussion about Judaism and the environment. It sounded interesting but not necessarily fun. The second thing was the Jewish Jeopardy game and the rest of the family was into that (so was I), so I decided to attend that session.

The first game was a kids only game and the kids teamed up in groups of two. My son showed that he has paid attention and that he understands his Judaism. It makes a father proud. The second game was Adults only, also in pairs of two, and the third game was also supposed to be adults only.

For the third game, many adults did not want to play so the third team was made up of kids only. I think I saw my son raise his hand for every question, well just about every question, for that game. Again, it is nice when you can see your hard work pay off. And, I certainly have put in my share of hard work. My wife is not nearly as much of a shul goer as I am so, when he was an infant, I used to get him ready and have him there every week, and deal with the dirty looks of the adults and comments because, as much as they like kids, they want them perfectly quiet. Still, I wanted him to understand right from the beginning that on Shabbat, this is what we do and where we go.

He may not go as frequently now as he did in the past but he still goes more often than not and enjoys it and, as I said before, he learns and he remembers.

Congratulations on your Jeopardy game.


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