Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No New Job

A letter came in today’s mail in regard to the computer position I applied for at the Jewish Day School. The letter was a format letter and basically said “Thank you but no thank you”. The rejection letter indicated that they found someone more qualified than I for the position.

I wish it had not been a format letter. I know the school was under no obligation to higher me and I don’t mean to sound arrogant or egotistical but I honestly believe for what they wanted, there was no one more qualified.

I am not claiming I am the smartest person ever when it comes to computers, far from it, but in terms of running a computer lab, having a background in the products they wanted to teach and working with teachers who are assigning work to their students on the computer, I have a strong background.

Certainly the school was under no obligation to higher me. They let me know from the beginning that if they found someone from within, it would make it easier than having to work around another person’s schedule from the outside. Again, I am fine with this; it makes sense. I just wish the letter would have told me that this is in fact what happened. Now, I am wondering if I did not get the position because they decided there was someone more qualified or if it was due to logistics. That is annoying.

I will probably call to find out as knowing, regardless of the outcome, would make me feel better.

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