Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cults Revisited

I was reviewing some comments left on some of my blog posts earlier today. Somehow, some of these comments escaped me and I ended up reading them for the first time today. An interesting set of comments had to do with cults. I have been accused of being closed minded, admitting to it and feeling that only my view should be voiced.

These comments bring to mind a number of reactions. First of all, I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment, probably stronger than anyone who left a comment suggest I was intolerant of a point of view other than my own. I actually am an absolutist when it comes to the First Amendment, a position the Supreme Court as a whole has NEVER accepted. That being said, if I am sponsoring an event, DO NOT expect me to give air time to points of view that are dangerous.

Recently, the Fire Department held a seminar about fire safety where I live. Those biased individuals refused to give my friends who are pyromaniacs and arsonists an opportunity to voice the opposition to fire safety. How dare they prohibit the opposing viewpoint from being offered.

After I left the seminar on fire safety, I went to hear a speaker talk about the importance of the Church in today’s society. There was someone in attendance who was heckling the speaker and urging everyone to pick up a copy of the New Testament and set it on fire, leaving it next to the lit candles in the church. Can you believe the audacity of the church? Not only did they not give this person a chance to voice the opposition, they actually had the person removed.

As stated in my response to the initial comment in the previous post, when schools bring in police officers to talk about staying away from strangers, they somehow forget to invite a kidnapper in to urge the children to talk to strangers and take rides with people they do not know.

Obviously, there are times when it is unacceptable to voice the opposing side of an argument, especially if you are the sponsoring group. I have ALWAYS taught my son that we need to be respectful of people and their religious beliefs (Does that include Satanic Worship as well, which is also an organized form of religious belief). I have taught him that we should enjoy watching people enjoy their religion. I want and expect the same courtesy in return. When organizations like Jews-For-Jesus and others openly try to proselytize, when certain cults look to remove people from their families and force their ideas of values and religion down the throats of those people who have been kidnapped and/or brained washed, that is not showing the same courtesy.

Make no mistake about it. Jews for Jesus is a dangerous cult that looks to confuse people, not show them the light. Do not expect me to offer them a forum to preach their dangerous beliefs.

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