Monday, March 3, 2008

Roll With It

Teaching in the computer lab is a lot of fun, but at times can be a little difficult. I enjoy working with the different teachers and doing different things. Coming up with websites that deal with Judaism, are age appropriate and deal with the material the teacher is covering is a challenge and a thrill.

Most of the time, it is the same teacher bringing each of three classes to the lab. The same lesson works for all three classes since the material covered from one class to the next is the same and the ages of the students are the same. For the younger kids, it can be a little trickier, however, because there are different teachers and each one only brings in one class.

Yesterday I had two kindergarten teachers and one pre-K teacher come to the lab. The kindergarten teachers decided they would like me to do something on Purim. I was able to find some fun websites, games, and videos related to the topic. The Pre-K teacher was teaching about Noah and the ark and asked for me to focus on that, which I gladly did.

The interesting part was, after the pre-K kids left, I still had that lesson plan open on the computer. The substitute, who brought the first group of Kindergarteners down asked if the Noah sites were age appropriate, since she was teaching about Noah yesterday. The second kindergarten teacher also ended up using some of those sites, as Noah and the Ark was being covered by this teacher too.

I have no objections to changing things on the fly. In the words of Steve Windwood, “Roll with it”. I truly am fine with that. It is just that it would have made things a little easier if I only had to do one lesson plan instead of three.

Oh well, at least I enjoyed looking over the website. A Jewish Thought is good for the computer teacher as well and every time I look at these sites, even if I have used them before, I learn something new.

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