Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Megilah

Tomorrow night starts the holiday of Purim. While most people are not familiar with the holiday, it is a fun holiday. Being that it is post Biblical, there are not THAT many laws associated with it and, of course, all the laws that are associated with it are from the Rabbis and not from G-d.

One of the laws associated with the holiday is to hear the reading of the Megilah, the scroll that contains the story of Purim. One is supposed to hear it twice, once at night and once the following morning. I had been concerned as to how I would get to a reading this year. I teach an Evening class on Thursdays until 9PM so it would not be feasible to get to a reading. On Friday morning, I have another class I teach that is about an hour away. While I could probably get to a reading in the morning, it would be cutting things close.

Then I looked at the College schedule and learned that I had this week off from teaching. It is Spring break. I am not surprised that they had the bring coincide with Good Friday (no Jews in the area of the college).

Yesterday I indicated that I like it when Easter and Passover fall in close proximity to each other. I still feel that way. With my current teaching schedule, however, the way that it is, this works well for me, having Purim and Easter fall in close proximity. I can now get to a reading on both days.

I expect to talk more about the holiday of Purim and the laws associated with it in tomorrow’s post but for now I will just wish all of those who celebrate the holiday a Happy Purim and I will rejoice in the fact that I will be able to partake in the festivities.

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