Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm Back

Well, I will be back at the religious school where I teach next year. I certainly did not expect there to be any problem at the meeting today, and there was not. It was nice to hear those who do the hiring sing my praises.

As a computer teacher, my flexibility, my willingness to work with people, and more relationship with the other teachers all were positive factors. What was nice was to hear the comments they made about the tutoring I did.

When I first applied, they wanted to know about the possibility of teaching a mid-week hebrew class. Based on my work schedule, I could not commit to being there on-time, every session. They asked me if I would be willing to do some tutoring, special needs work and I agreed.

Sometimes I am in the classroom, helping a teacher out. This is usually with one particular student. Still, the teacher can use me as he or she sees fit. For instance, if the teacher needs to listen to everyone one-on-one, I might be asked to do something with the ones who have finished, to keep them busy, and have them learn. Sometimes I am asked to go from classroom to classroom to work on students who may be getting ready for a service or some other program. Whatever it is, it is the same, yet it is different, and I enjoy that.

There are a number of students there who have special needs, some more than others, and some have some significant issues. Still, most are good, enjoyable and polite students. Last year I did some work with some autistic children, working one on one. It so happens that when I was working with one, the director of the Board of Jewish Education for the area was visiting and was impressed with the way I was responding and helping.

The two people I met with today made sure to tell me that. It was a nice feeling and I appreciated it. I had wondered last year if I really was helping the teachers and making a difference. I was glad to find out I was. They almost seemed more excited to have me agree to come back in that role as opposed to the computer teacher, not that they were disappointed about that.

All and all, it was a very postive meeting.

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