Saturday, July 21, 2007

Up For The Challenge

Well, I completed Haftorah this morning. It is interesting. While I know that I know this one, and while I practice it anyway, I always feel that I do a better job when I do it for real than in practice. It is interesting, this Haftorah speaks to me. I sense someone losing all patience and just telling a person all that they have done wrong and all the bad things that what will happen if things do not change. As a parent, I know that feeling. Somehow, when I am actually chanting that Haftorah for real, I can feel those emotions more so that when I practice.

After I finished, there was one person who indicated that I was slightly off with the word ‘Hazon’, the first word of the Haftorah. I am not sure if he was kidding or not. Still, my response was, “Show me what I did wrong and how I can improve”. I said that and I meant that.

Although I have done the Haftorah for a number of years, I can, and should still improve. If someone can help me to that end, I am interested. I think sometimes we are all too quick to take such comments in a negative light. We should all try to lighten up a little and see if others can help us improve.

So, now I can relax knowing the chanting of this Haftorah is behind me. Now all I have to do is fast, which in comparison should be a piece of cake. Just kidding. I do find this time to be very tough and the fast to be tough, but just like chanting Haftorah, I am up for the challenge.

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