Monday, July 30, 2007

Keeping It Fresh

Last summer at this time I was tutoring a friend’s daughter for her Bat Mitzvah. She did a very nice job with both the Torah and Haftorah reading. I recently spoke with her and was teasing her about whether or not she had plans to read it again this year. She informed me that there is another Simcha taking place this year on that shabbat, so she would not be able to do so. (She did not sound particularly disappointed). I suggested that even if she is not doing it for the congregation, she should still look it over and she said she would. I hope she does.

It has always seemed unfair that for all the work and effort put into getting ready for a bar or bat mitzvah, in one day, really in less than one hour (longer if you are leading the entire service), it is done. I am not talking about the responsibility of being a bar mitzvah, or a bat mitzvah, as this is just starting and many people do not even understand what it means. I am talking about the actual time put into learning the Torah portion and/or the Haftorah portion.

I strongly suggest that people look over what they have prepared after they have read it, keep it fresh and be able to do it again at some point in the future. Even if you never do, I truly believe you will be glad you kept it (semi-) fresh.

The truth is, I am following my own advice. I helped prepare my friend’s daughter for her bat mitzvah. As a result, I too learned the Haftorah, I too learned parts of the Torah reading. I am currently in the process of reviewing what we learned so that it stays fresh for me as well and that I will be able to read this at some point in the future.

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