Friday, July 20, 2007

A Strange Dream

I had a strange dream last night and I do not understand it. Let me state up front, I am not one who knows how to interpret dreams. I do understand that sometimes the message of a dream can be very different than what is seen on the surface. Still, I have not done any studying of dreams.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be chanting Haftorah Tomorrow. This is the one that switches back and forth between the standard trope and the Aicha trope. I have done this Haftorah four years in a row, so after tomorrow, it will be five. I know it, I know the changes and I have looked it over. It is true I haven’t looked it over as much as I would have liked, but I am confident.

Last night, I dreamt for some reason that someone else started the first two lines of this Haftorah and I took over afterwards. Rather than waiting for the person to move out of the way, I started chanting from memory. After the person moved out of the way and I was in front of the book, my Tikkun, I couldn’t find the place. I kept going for a little bit but then just drew a complete blank. I tried coming up with any line but could not think of anything. Then I just started humming the melody, hoping something would come back to me, but it never did. Eventually I just announced to the congregation that it was pretty obvious, I had lost my place and couldn’t find it.

I felt a little embarrassed for a moment and then I woke up. I’m still not sure what the dream means, if anything, but it was enough to give me an uncomfortable feeling. I did look it over a few times today, just in case, however.

I am guessing everything tomorrow will go fine, but it was just a very strange dream.

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