Friday, April 4, 2008

Coming Home Early

My son requested that I try to come home early today. Why did he want me home early? It was not to play or go outside or get him something. He wanted me home so we could go through the Haggadah and practice.

This, as far as I am concerned, indicated two things to me. The first is that Passover is rapidly approaching and it is definitely time to start getting ready. The second was how fortunate I am. Teaching at a religious school and seeing the attitude of school age children, it is quite rewarding that my son is interested in practicing, in reading the Haggadah. He has already informed me that he wants to lead various parts of the Seder.

So, it is time to dig out the Haggadahs (which is easier said than done since we moved into our house between last year’s Seder and the one that will be occurring this year and I am not sure where they are), and begin practicing the Four Questions and other parts of the Seder with my son. I am definitely looking forward to it and I love the fact that, for my son, the holiday is not just about Shulhan U’Ruach (The Seder meal) but about an entire religious experience.

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