Monday, April 14, 2008

On Break!

I have the week off from teaching religious school. Actually, I have more than the week off. Since most of the Religious schools follow the regular schools and this is the week they have off for Spring break, I have it off too. Then, I get the next two Sundays off because of Passover. This means I only have to more Sundays to teach and it gives me time to do a nice job preparing the lessons, assuming I do not procrastinate, which is always a possibility.

As I think back on the lesson plans I put together and looking for websites to which I could bring the student, it occurs to me that the way a site is designed often has a lot to do with if and how I use it. I am looking for something that will catch my eye and is not difficult to navigate. I am also looking for something that will appeal to the particular age group I have coming into the computer lab that week.

Programming of the site is crucial. There have been times I have not used a site that I thought would be good because the layout was not effective. Some are quite professional, some may have a max web design, others are not so effective.

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