Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Passover Foods

It is amazing to see all the Kosher for Passover products you can find these days. I am not saying they are any good but you can find muffins, bagels and pizza that is all Kosher for Passover. Some of the products I definitely stay away from. Some I just have a problem with conceptually. For instance, we are not supposed to eat break on Passover so I do not want any Kosher for Passover bread (unless you consider Matzah to be such an item).

Matzah is not my favorite food. I have actually felt that Passover would be a wonderful Holiday if we could eat bread. Still, I do enjoy the Holiday and the foods. I think that for a week there are certain products we can do without. Moreover, the taste of a number of food items has been greatly improved.

I also am amazed to see the great variety of Kosher (and Kosher for Passover) wines. It used to be that all you could get was the disgustingly sweet wines. Actually, perhaps based on nothing but tradition, I like the taste of that. Still, with four cups of wine at the Seder, it is nice to know you can find all different types of wine.

Wishing you all (at least those who celebrate it) a Happy and Kosher Passover.

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