Monday, April 14, 2008

Cooking And Cleaning

As my wife and I prepare for the Seder and are busy cleaning the house and getting everything set, the parody of the song My Favorite Things, keeps going through my head.

A few years ago I actually put my own Passover Hagadah together. In addition to all the traditional parts, I included some extra readings, interpretations and silly ‘stuff’. Some of the silly stuff includes various songs.

As I said, this one is sung to the tune of My favorite Things. It starts:

“Cooking and cleaning and so many dishes; Out with the chametz, no pasta, no knishes;
Fish that’s gefilted, horseradish that stings; these are a few of our Passover things.”

There is, of course, more, but I do not have the words in front of me right now. What is amazing is how much material you can find on the internet for people of all ages. It actually is worth it to take a moment and go through the material and find one or two things that will make the Seder meaningful to you and your guests. Yes, it is a little extra work, although depending on how far you want to go, it does not have to be that much work. Still, it can help to make the Seder more meaningful to everyone who is there, children, adults, Jews and non-Jews alike.

Wishing everyone a Happy Passover!

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